Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where Have You Been?

Oh, I guess...It's where have I been?  No place.  But we have had and still have family home.  First Janeen, Morgan and Vivvi came down for the weekend.  Vivvi takes after her Grandmother...Janeen and her Great-Grandmother...me....in that she loves books!  So...of course...I bought her a couple.

Here she got Great-Grandpa to read while she took care of her baby...please take special note of the little piece of fabric...I think she is a budding quilter as she had so much fun with  this little square...wiping her face...wiping her baby's face...blowing her nose in it...carrying it around--not necessarily in that order.

Getting acquainted with Sammie...notice the death grip on Great-Grandpa's shirt.

She made up  to us right away...so much fun.  Love her little curls.

She did have a little hissy fit at the Dairy Queen...wanted to hold her own malt and spoon it out.

This might be where some of the curls came from...Auntie Morgan.  Grandpa (the same Great-Grandpa to Vivvi is Morgan's Grandpa...Janeen's Dad...my husband.....you get the picture)  The next few days will be filled with wonderful pictures of Grandchildren, Great-Grandchild and Children...be prepared.  It's just something I am compelled to do.    Jolyn

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