Monday, August 22, 2011

OK...I Admit It

I hate to admit it...but yes, I turned 70 on Saturday.  Someone...bless them...said I looked 60.  Only problem with that is that I would have been 10 when our first child was born.  The best part of my birthday was having part of our family home.  Marque and Janeen and Mari came from the cities and surprised me!!!  Shawn and Suzanne and boys joined us for a fun evening on the porch with Pizza Hut pizza and birthday cake (the flowers even matched my shirt!!)  Thank you Wayne for all  the surprises!!

Suzanne and Janeen

Mari...whose new job is driving a big packer in road construction.

Wayne, Taylor and Shawn

The boys...Bryce, Marque and Brandon in the front and Taylor and Shawn in the back.  The wall quilt was a gift from Tracy!

Altho at my age I don't really need presents...these were a couple of them...Vivvi and Morgan.  Other gifts included chocolate, good smelling things, socks, decorations, chocolate, a "Spam" bank and from my husband a very...very.........very nice gift certificate from the Calico Hutch.  He even told me to spend it foolishly!  How else??

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