Friday, August 19, 2011

More Show and Tell

We really had a lot of show and tell (or Bring and Brag) at our last meeting.  I'm not even posting all the pictures.  Wendy had taken a panel and added sashing to give it a look of a window!

Isn't this a cute pumpkin!  He would look good in my house...hint hint...

The twister fever is on!  Once you've made one, you just have to make another one.

This masterpiece...which has won awards at shows...was made by a friend of Tracy's...Janel and quilted by Tracy.  She said that in the judging, they use a magnifying glass.  In person this is even more stunning!

A sad story with a happy ending.  Mike's Mom had put this on her rummage sale when Mike found it and rescued it and brought it home.  If I remember right it was his baby quilt.  He also rescued two other quilted pieces.  We quilter's treasure quilted things...especially if they have a story behind them.

At the fair was a butterfly wall hanging contest.  Mike used pigma pen and crayons to give this it's color.

I don't know what Mike will get done now that he's retired, but his work is always exquisite!!  He must keep his Bernina warmed up all the time!

This was Tracy's first quilt.  She has two borders to add.'ve just begun!

Lissia has been on a roll with this...

and this....

and this...

and this!  She's like me...likes to make the tops!  Course, my favorite part is making the blocks.  I need to find someone who likes to sew them together and another to quilt them and another to bind them and another to cook for me and another to clean ....and one more to bring me chocolate (with almonds!)

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