Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This is what has been going on with the farm work.  Can't see anything???....

maybe this will help.  I thought he was going to take off the top of the chimneys on the hog barn!  Crop dusters need our prayers!!!! ...and their wives.  They are spraying the soybeans for aphids.  Remember those Japanese beetles (lady bugs) who were supposed to take care of this problem?  They preferred being in the house.

Like I said Max wanted jobs to do...this wasn't one of them.  He hadn't tried his hand at slicing bread.  After all...it is a power tool!  Watch out  fingers!

He had to help entertain Grandpa shooting arrows.  This is Wayne's birthday gift from me.  Good exercise and he's enjoying it.  Got a license to hunt deer with bow and arrow.

Another of Max's "jobs"...Grandpa has a metal detector and they discovered these treasures in our yard.

Jill spent a day making this apron.  It's reversible...so the other side is the red with the lighter fabric for the accent!  She's a better clothes sewer than me.  I like to stick to things that lay flat...quilts.

Missing this trip was Isaac...he and his dad and a bunch went to work in Illinois at a Children's Home.  The dog is a wheaten terrier.  He is definitely a people person...and his people are sitting here.  So no matter where they were...that's where he wanted to be.  His name is Jack...like Jack and Jill.  Max says his full name is Outback Thunder Jack.

Here's Wayne's other hobby...Sammy.  I wish I could capture in a picture how nutty our dog gets when Wayne takes Sammy over to saddle him.  He's so excited and just whines and cries and rolls in the grass.  He just loves to go along with them...and it's either that or we tie him up and then he gets just pathetic!!!  Course after running with them for 1/2 hour or more...he's a porch potato for the rest of the day.                 Jolyn

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