Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blue Earth Valley Quilters

   I arrived a little late for the quilter's first.  (Blue Earth lost...played a good game...was a nail biter until the end.)  So the show and tell was in progress and I didn't get pictures of everything.  This top picture is Lissia and Noah showing baby Max's neptune quilt.  Lissia had gone on the internet to get the designs. 

 Linda Bakken is into woolies and brought 3 samples. 
   If you never worked with wool, it is fun!  No edges to turn under, just blanket stitch around each figure.  I like to get mine in kits as you can buy a lot of wool to do a project. (and wool ain't cheap!)  I like to use a lite Heat n' Bond on the back of mine.  It keeps the wool more stable..doesn't unravel if it's a woven wool.
   This is my favorite.  It's called 19cents by Primitive Gatherings.  Think it's been added to my "To Do" list. 
   Another of Linda's projects.  This is a Country Threads creation using Civil War Reproduction fabrics.  

  I can't show what I've been working on as they are gifts for my kids and some of them actually read this blog.  After I give the first one, then I can show them.  I'm actually working on the last one out of 5!!  And they WILL like them! 
     hopefully              Jolyn

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