Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's Beginning to Smell a Lot Like...........

  No..no..no...not Christmas!  It's our Lutefisk Supper!!!  For over 25 years our little country church has hosted a Lutefisk Supper.  Usually about 600 people indulge.  It takes weeks of preparation.  Besides the planning, shopping, hauling, you name it...lots goes on before we even start getting together to actually make things  The night before these pictures a group had gotten together and mixed up the lefsa.  Earlier this morning others got together and added the flour.  Starting Saturday afternoon we started making the balls.

All willing hands are used.  Laughter is guaranteed! 
All profits from this event are divided between a number of missions.
 We stack them on floured trays and then someone ...in this case...Gina, hauls them to our refrigerated room. ( a Sunday school room with the window cracked open...it was below zero outside)
  And here's part of the stash...there was another table with more trays.  The plastic cups in each corner make it possible to stack trays if we need to.  There are over 1200 balls waiting to be transformed.  These will cool down until the next day....just you wait and see what happens next!!! 

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