Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Comfort Food

 In the winter, nothing warms or comforts like food!!!  Made just a small dish of apple crisp.  Would have been better with ice cream. But then, anything is better with ice cream.
   Home made rye bread and Chicken Hot Dish.Both are found in our brand new Dell Cookbook.  The rye bread is found on page 114 and the Hot Dish on page 12. 
   And this is "Monkey Brains".  I don't know where my kids ever got that name, but it has stuck and is a quick easy way to add a side dish to a meal.  Wash and core a cauliflower, cover with saran wrap and micro wave until done...anywhere from 8-15 minutes...depending on the size.  Mix about 1/2 cup mayo and a squirt of mustard and coat the cooked cauliflower and then cover with shredded cheddar cheese.  Might have to microwave again for 20-50 seconds until all the cheese is melted.  They say it's really good.  My idea of good is the following:
  This is Wayne's version of Hula pie!  Gerhald's good chocolate sponge cake, French vanilla ice cream and chocolate topping!  Just shut your eyes and listen to the waves on Kaanapali Beach.  Mmmmmmm! Now I'm ready for Yogurtland!!!!     and warmer weather!!!!     and little kids throwing sand!!!!

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