Sunday, January 2, 2011


  As expected there are lots of good things to eat in Maui.  Remembering some good fruit from our last trip, we headed out to the Tropical Plantation.  The "baby" bananas are called apple bananas.  Pretty much taste like our bananas, but are really small.  (Price wasn't!)  
   The little red fruit with the green rubbery hairs is called a rotumba (I could be wrong on that)  I love them.  I peeled it with my thumb revealing the inner fruit..... had the texture of a grape with a large almond seed inside.  We bought 4 for $1.  I let Wayne have one....
   This was out at the Ulupalakua elk burger.  It was ok, but a little too raw for even Wayne's taste.
   Our grandkids encouraged us to try "Bubba Gumps".  Food was good and off to our right were open windows to the ocean.
   Oh yes, Yogurtland!!!  We walked down this little aisle where you could fill your cups (they even had LARGER cups) with a variety of yogurt soft ice creams and then add one or a couple dozen different toppings.  Then they weighed them to figure up the charges.  They did not weigh us afterwards...thankfully!
  And best of all...Hula Pie.  Guaranteed to stick to your hips!!  It was almost too much for the two of us to finish off just this one piece. almost.  The other Hula Pie we ate had raspberry sauce drizzled on our plate. 

   We did buy groceries and eat most of our breakfasts in our condo.  Also a number of our meals..good old peanut butter sandwiches and yogurt and cheese.  We get tired of eating out all the time and sometimes just didn't want a big meal.
  Right now I could sure go for a Yogurtland Fix!!!  We called it our diet dessert as they were fat free. That does not include the toppings.   (Nobody mention the calories!)

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