Monday, January 3, 2011


   These are just random pictures that I wanted to show and then I promise (kind of) that I won't talk about Hawaii again (except for the one quilt shop I found.)  Within walking distance of our condo was an outdoor multi-level little shopping area called "Whaler's Village".  Most nights we would walk down there (remember Yogurtland?) and watch a free performance of some kind.  Two nights these kids were dancing the Hula.  The little guy front center really captured our hearts.  They were all really good dancers.

  This is our condo to the left - third floor.  Was a quiet time of year and I think we were the only ones on our floor until the last couple of days when the Christmas tourists came.  

  Wayne is walking ahead of me on the way down to Honolua Beach to do some snorkeling.  Besides the beautiful fish, he saw an eel and one guy saw two manta rays.   I saw his sunburned back after two hours of snorkeling.  Also saw a pesky cat that wanted to share my peanut butter sandwich.  The beach at this bay was huge rocks and difficult walking.  Heard someone say that the last time they were here it was all sand but a storm blew the rocks all up on the shore.

  This pictures brings back memories.  A little while after taking this, the boys started building sand castles and the girls began one of their own.  Then war broke out and they started throwing sand at each other and hollering for the each other to stop.  It all ended when one Mom stepped in.  Didn't help that we were enjoying it!  (Always cuter when it isn't your own kids!)  This is on Ka'anapali Beach where we stayed. 

The ocean really was this beautiful blue!   There were lots of surfers out because of the high waves.
 This is taken overlooking Honolua Bay where Wayne snorkeled.  At one of the Bays we watched over 100 dolphins playing.  Sometimes two or three would leap out of the water in unison.  So who counts and says "GO"?
  Taken at sunset at the Old Town Lahina Luau.  We were celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary.

 "Aloha" to Hawaii

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