Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas on the Farm

   Christmas on the farm!!  The grandkids are lined up according to size..kind of.  Eating is always a big part of our get togethers and I am so blessed to have daughters and daughters-in-law that pitch in and help.  Because we had just come home from Hawaii a couple of days before Christmas and my brain wasn't fully functional, Janeen, Suzanne and Karen each made a meal!  Talk about gourmet cooking!  We always eat buffet style and usually the first in line gets to pray.  From left to right--Jared Jensen,Tyler Jensen,Tanner Olson, Taylor Olson, Logan Olson, Bryce Olson ,Karissa Olson, Morgan Jensen and Brandon Olson.  Did you get the tongue twisters...Tyler, Taylor and  Tanner?  Course, we also have a Marque, Mari, Morgan, Maxwell and Mike.  And Kelsey, Karen and Karissa  and...Jared, Jill, Janeen and Jolyn.....and Wayne!
   We had bought each of the boys a t-shirt and the girls a dress/skirt.  We used to be taller then them!   They're a fun bunch!  Wish I knew how to load a video on here as the boys made a snow jump and then pulled each other with the snowmobile on snow boards and went over the jump.  They even jumped 7 people!  Grandma prays....  You can find it on Facebook.
   Oh yes, the back of the shirts!!
  The Millers... Brett, Jill, Isaac and Max came the day the rest left, so we got to spend some time with them.  Max loved my little Hawaiian language book and was trying out new words on us.   There are only 12 letters in their alphabet.  That's why you get words like.. Ke Akua Mana E (How Great Thou Art).  
More Christmas to come!!

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