Monday, January 17, 2011


   I had unexpected visitors this morning.  Their appearance was announced by Trooper barking.  He's not a barking dog--unless someone is leaving, the horse is annoying him or in this case...wild turkeys.  They live along the river 1/2 mile north of us and we see them almost daily as they venture out in search of food.  Ugly things.  When I checked to see what Trooper was barking at, here they were up in our yard.  They had begun their retreat by the time I grabbed my camera.
   Here Sammy is checking them out as they parade across the pasture.
   Right in the upper middle part of this picture is a turkey that decided the safest place was in the top of a tree.  Only thing...he chose a spindly branch and bobbed up and down.  If you click on each picture you should get an enlargement and with imagination you might actually see them
  Here they were headed towards the north end of the pasture.  I put  on my boots, coat, mittens, scarf and headed out to get a closer picture and they decided that I was close enough (even though they let Trooper get much closer) and started flying off.  (I think I heard them using a few choice words.)  We can get closer to them in the van than on foot.  I do prefer my turkeys straight from the freezer...oven ready.

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