Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Family Time (or Brag Time)

   Guess what Taylor got for Christmas?  Grandma thinks he looks pretty sharp!  That's what Grandmas do.  He's a Sophomore at our local high school, plays quarterback on JV, basketball, track, guitar and trumpet in the band.  He's also good at washing hog barns. 
   And here's Brandon with his Great-Grandma Girardin, my Mom.  Brandon had a Basketball tournament in Preston where my Mom lives, so we stopped and picked her up.  We parked so she didn't have to walk very far. (Truth is..it was for me as she walks so fast with her walker that I can hardly keep up!)  Brandon is a 7th grader...plays football, basketball and trombone.  They won both games and Mom really enjoyed getting to see him play.  She and Dad always enjoyed going to see my nephews (who lived near her) play in sports.

  This little cutie is Chara Beth and she belongs to Dan and Rachel.  They were our first hired youth directors and we all fell in love with them.  Chara is involved in smiles, giggles and lots of words!! They now live in Wisconsin...closer to their families.  We miss them!

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