Sunday, January 30, 2011

And the Flour Flies!

   Any willing person is given a job at the lefsa rolling.  Here Erik is gently rolling out those delicacies.
   I'm not sure what Ken's job description is.  I guess that is supposed to be a lutefisk on his hat, altho no living person has ever seen one alive!
   Amy and Dana are laying out lefsa to cool.
   Ardell is buttering lefsa, adding brown sugar and then rolling them up to feed the hungry multitude.
   Here's our Kim...probably wishing she would have worn an apron!
   Julieanne and Mariah defending their turf!
   Leah looks a little surprised.  See that little tool in her hand?  It is actually a golf ball in a washcloth secured with a rubber band.  This is used to wipe extra flour off the burners.  (We've been at this a long time and have come up with some of our own "inventions")
   Another foreign exchange student getting some good old American culture.
   Pastor Joe always lends his hand to rolling.  I think someone else had a hand in "flouring" his face.
  Nancy, Gina and Suzanne taking a break.  Probably laughing.
   I know this looks like the "swallow the goldfish" trick, but Dave is actually downing a lefsa. (at least that's what they told me)
   The "giggle" sisters...Claire and Jasmine!  Someone brought lots of cans of pop to encourage the kids.  It does wonders!  These girls were good help!
   Darla taking a turn at frying. (or as we say....burning) lefsa.
   Sweet Morgan.  I think she was one of those who was keeping a running tally on a board as to how many lefsa were made. 
   Grandpa Glen holding Isaac.  What a cutie!  (take your pick at which one I mean!)
  Ben doing a great job.  It's not easy being a stick man.  If they ruin a good one...woe to them!  Then we have to eat it.  It is amazing that we do get so much done and have so much fun doing it.  Our next project (besides baking at home for the bake sale) is Thursday when we make meat balls.  I better not forget the camera.  Course one of these days they're going to figure out what I'm doing and not let me take pictures!  Friday they peel potatoes and Saturday make klub.  That's another whole story!  If you're not Norwegian (or married to one) you'll never believe it! 
  Mark your calanders...Sunday February 6...1-6 Lutefisk supper at Dell!!!  (then we air out the church for a month to get rid of the aroma!)

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