Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stick Men

   Oh yes, we have to have people taking pictures of people taking pictures taking.....  thanks Garrett.
  And here are our stick men.  They grab  take the  freshly rolled lefsa and put it on the burners.  This is Joshua.  They can get very possessive of their burners and sticks!!
   Our Brandon working two lefsa on one grill.  It seemed to be a deed worthy of mentioning. 
     Shawn  I don't know--that looks more like a defensive maneuver. 
   Aaron's Tae Kwan Do lefsa attack yell. 
   We imported Nils from Norway. 
   Uncle Charlie.
   Jim with Erik in the background. 
   Gerhald frying those lefsa.
   My very own... or was he just talking?  (Now I'm in trouble...actually we all do a lot of talking....and laughing.)
  Just to show we don't restrict this job to just the males...Hannah doing a fine job!

  It does take the whole church working together to pull this off.  More lefsa pictures coming soon to a blog near you.

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