Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pitter Patter of "Little" Feet

   Remember Christmas mornings and way before time to get up you would hear the pitter patter of little feet?  
  Christmas morning---knock.knock.knock on our bedroom door...6:30...still dark outside.  "Grandma where's the light?"  What???  
  Two "little" girls come in our bedroom with breakfast in bed...grapefruit, french toast, juice, coffee, you name it ....and a computer programed to play Christmas music.  They then announced that the grandsons and Shawn were doing all of Grandpa's chores and filling the woodbox and that we could just eat breakfast and...go back to sleep.

  Sure...go back to sleep with all that hearty laughing in the kitchen!  We didn't want to miss anything, so we got up and joined them.  The girls fixed breakfast for the crew.  Oh...I forgot to post the picture of Wayne in his pajamas with a cup of coffee.  I do try not to embarass my family...too much.

   After breakfast.. the bodies were strewn everywhere.  Guess Grandpa's chores wore them out.  Had nothing to do with how late they stayed up!  Memories from 2010 !!!
              Jolyn (Grandma)

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