Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gettin' Ready!!

   Sunday after church the fun begins.  First a few of the ladies have made dinner for all of us.
   Jane and Amy serving the sloppy joes.
   We started making the lefsa after church as we get a better turn less trip for people.  Having a meal furnished is a big plus too.
   Anybody that wants to roll gets a chance.  Ashlen already has years of experience.  We start them young!
 Amanda doing her thing.
   Mary Lou handing out balls to each roller.
   Suzanne hard at work
   this is Julie's first try at it and she quickly passed the test and rolled all afternoon.
   My prodigy!  I coaxed her to come try it and Dana finally gave in and then she didn't want to quit!  I had a hard time getting my rolling pin back!
   And Erik seemed to get more flour on himself than some.  He probably had help.
   Another old pro, Glen.
   And thank goodness for dish washers!  We use everybody...right Julie?
   This is our goal....nice and round. When someone does roll a "perfect" one, there is always lots of cheering.  (They don't get to quit, but a perfect one is always a goal.)  Some people also like to announce when theirs looks like Asia or Mickey Mouse or even certain people.  Like I said, lots of laughing going on!
  But...sometimes this happens.  Even so, we always have people willing and eager to eat the "strange" ones.  In one afternoon we got all the lefsa made for the supper, bake sale and of course for us eating!

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