Monday, January 17, 2011

Family Time

   When we get together, we are so many that the kids sit in the kitchen and the rest grab the dining room table.  These are the adults.  I think Karen fixed this delicious meal..chicken enchiladas!
   One of my favorite pictures!  Karissa was so excited over her gift from Taylor (I think Suzanne had a hand in this!)  She had made this cake holder by gluing a goblet to a cute. As if we don't get enough atmosphere from our fireplace, the kids like to find the tv station that has the fireplace burning.  Doesn't give off too much heat.
   Brett and Jill , Isaac and Max came a little late, but stretched out Christmas for us!  Brandon came over too as he is the same age as Isaac.
   One unhappy dog...Jack.  Didn't get a picture of the other one.  When we put down new carpet last summer, I said the kid's dogs were welcome, but they had to stay in the kitchen and sewing room.
  Have you ever seen such a sad face?

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