Tuesday, February 1, 2011


   I think basketball is my favorite sport.  You don't have to wear a dozen layers of clothing, lighting is good, you can see who each player is, you don't have to sit on frozen metal bleachers, and I understand the game (100 years ago I played in Iowa when it was six-man, half court....that does age me.)  I never watch it on tv, just in person.  Last Saturday we went to Brandon's tournament.  The gym was huge and 4 games were being played at once.  Had to be confusing for the kids with all the cheering and whistles and buzzers.  They won their first game and lost the next two.
   This is basically the team that played.  Bailey is in the next picture with the red shirt..  Front row: Tyler and Chandler
Second row: Cole (I think),  Eythan, Brandon and Colin.

  After the game we rewarded ourselves with a "little" dessert at Applebees!  Mine is the front one...look at Wayne's little one behind it!  I think I got the better deal!  (He helped me eat mine...not that I wanted him to!)

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