Wednesday, February 9, 2011

And Then There was Food!!

  The theme for this year's supper was Celebrating our 150th.  This was a bulletin board the decorating gals had made into a gift.  At the east end of the hall were stacks of brightly colored gifts.  Each table had little wrapped gifts...very festive.
   Takes lots of corn.
  And lots of butter.
   And more butter.

 And even more!
   Each Sunday school room is designated...this was the water and relishes.  Other rooms were lefsa and buns, desserts,  coffee, klub room (with their own "unusual" decorations...they called it the Klub Club....Klub is pronouced clue-b)  In the kitchen were the mashed potatoes, meatballs and gravy, corn and lutefisk.  There were busboys, valets (quite frozen by the end of the day), greeters, table setters, public relations (I think that was the guy with the party hat--Nick), hostesses, treasurers, coffee makers, kitchen servers, lutefisk cookers, lutefisk cutters,  lutefisk servers (has to be different men to do each job???) meatball servers, dessert severs, electrical (last year the whole church went black just before serving time...helps to have in house specialists!) , scrub room and waste management, lounge manager--where the kids wait, relish/water women, table of dishes (Judy and her crew wrap all the silverware, count out plates, glasses, napkins and placemats so that they are ready to set each table), potato masher/cooker/server--big job--big man!, klub servers, water carrier, contact roamers, bake sale, and dishwashers.  (That's my job--but will ask for new duties next year--my back and legs complained all day.)
   And here's the people at the first setting.  I'm not sure how many we can sit, but it's 8 to a table.  And 2 youth for servers.  This year we served over 600 hungry people!
   Karissa's dishing up her mashed potatoes and even tried the lutefisk.  She said it was ok.
  But on this side, Morgan is quickly passing the lutefisk.  It does have it's own special aroma and texture!  Some explain it as jellied fish.  Now doesn't that just sound tasty.  Sorry, Janeen, no scratch and sniff!  

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