Monday, February 21, 2011

Fine Dining

   As grandparents, we hope we have made some lasting memories with our grandkids...sleigh and buggy rides, grandpa playing "Tickle Monster" (which only ended when some one got hurt...usually the smallest), making quilts, farm "X" games, football in the snow, etc.  But how many kids can boast of eating dinner in the hog barn?  Bryce (Northwestern) and Tyler (Augsburg) came down to power wash this barn.  Not wanting to enter the house (something about how they smelled) Wayne brought their meal out to them.
   I do hope the top of the table was clean.  I was disappointed that Grandpa didn't take a flower or table cloth out there...but...
  If you double click you can see the cobwebs adoring the table...but then maybe you don't want to get that up close and personal.
   Here they're suiting up again to wash the remaining pens.  They did eat in a clean pen. 
   Here they are...ready  for more fun.  Actually it's called $$$.
   While they were having fun doing this, I went with Shawn and Suzanne and Brandon to Austin for a Basketball Tournament.  Brandon's team took first place.  You can see by the score that they played quite well.
Back Row-Alan, Eythan, Chandler, Bailey
Front Row-Brandon, Tyler, Collin
What you don't see in this picture with the trophies is the "hardware".  Most have braces...they're at that age.  I wasn't the only one who felt "butt fatigue" as I heard a number of  parents complaining too about 6 hours of bleacher sitting.  

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