Tuesday, February 8, 2011


   The big day arrived.  These are the waiters and waitresses.  Kids can hardly wait until they are old enough to be able to help.  And they stick with it.  12-6 is a long stretch!  Sometimes they get tips and it thrills them!  One little gal then went and spent all her money at our bake sale!  It's called "recycling".
   This is the lull before the storm.  Tables are set, church is full of hungry people and the food is ready to serve.
   A view of the kitchen before all lutefisk broke loose! Guy in the orange sweatshirt, Erik, is the potato masher.  To each huge kettle, a # of butter is added plus seasoning and milk.  That's right--a whole pound of butter!  No wonder we Scandinavians are hearty ( and heavy) stock!
   This year as you can see we got t-shirts!  Isn't Job cute!!  He was hiding a can of pop under his party hat!  Let the fun begin!!
   Here's a newbie to lutefisk.  Bryce is being brave and trying it for the first time!  I don't think he even gagged.  He did have ample butter....ample.
  Well, what do you know--here's Job again...still cute as ever.  he always has a twinkle in his eye.

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