Thursday, February 3, 2011

Making Meatballs

   As we get closer to the Lutefisk Supper, there's lots of work to do.  Today was meatball day.  Charles is running this renovated sausage stuffer that shoots the meat mixture out and Gina cuts it to size and the rest of us then roll it into meatballs.  Charles is multi-tasking..eating a doughnut and cranking the machine. 
   We line them up on trays to be baked.  Jane, myself, John and Gina doing the rolling.  When it was all done, we had filled over 7 roasters with meatballs.

   Glen is taking the temperature of the meatballs to see if they're done.
   Erik and Gerhald were in charge of mixing all the hamburger, pork sausage, eggs, cracker crumbs, evaporated milk and all the spices.
   Of course we had to eat...and laugh.  In one of the last blogs I had mentioned my white cake from scratch failure.  I just couldn't throw that overbaked creation out to the dog...not when I had used real live butter.  So this morning I cooked some chocolate frosting (yep--Dell cookbook) reasoning that it would help selvage the cake.  Mission accomplished and only crumbs are left tonight.  (I will be working next week to lose those pounds!)
   Back to rolling.  Wayne has taken over Gina's job. 
  These are the designated thinkers!  Lots of note taking and planning.  Tomorrow a bunch will gather at a farmer's machine shed (heated..thank you) and get those 450 pounds of potatoes peeled!  Mostly men that show up for that.  Just like at home! 

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