Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Wrap up

   And here's what the fuss is all about!  I bet you can just about smell it!  Again-sorry no scratch and sniff...what a money maker that would be!
   Here's my two co-partners in washing dishes... Jean and Gary.  We always wonder how many times the same serving dish goes through the dishwater!
   This year we gave out lots of prizes.  For the first person and every 150th, we gave a basket FULL of goodies!  We had so many prizes that they handed them out every 25-50 people.  Here Nancy giving one to our first guest with Nick's (our youth director) help.  And yes, that is a party hat on his's our 150th anniversary!
  Ah yes--the clean up.  Everything has to be taken down, cleaned up and put away.  It helps when there are fresh people to do this.  Especially in the kitchen.  Even though we fairly well keep up with the dishes, at the last there seems to be an avalanche of them.  All those butter dishes from the tables and pitchers and coffee pots and........
  So another year wrapped up!  All the profits goes to support missions...that's the best part.  The other good part, I won't be blogging about lutefisk for another year!!

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