Friday, February 18, 2011

Some Smells are Sweeter Then Others

   What a difference a couple of days make?  Tuesday I was trouncing through snow, then I walked on snow melted and frozen into ice and today I walked on bare ground!  Can spring be far behind? Yes it can...they're predicting yucky weather this weekend from snow, rain to freezing rain. 
   Even the fields are showing a lot of black!  To the east of these buildings is now "Olson Lake". 
    This quaint country school house sits just about 50 feet south of our house.  Lots of history there!  Started as a country school house, moved to Frost to become a town school house, moved back to this farm and turned into a farm shop, turned into a retail quilt shop called the Gingham Patch, turned into a woodworking shop, and from 2001 until now is a machine quilting shop.
  Inside you can see my faithful machine waiting for me...most of the time it's waiting for me.  For the last 3 years the building has been plagued by a sour sewer smell...but no bathroom in here.  We have had all kinds of guys out to look at different things...and still this smell.  At times I could even smell it outside the shop.  We changed the burner in the stove.  Where the pipes joined was checked and found ok.  Finally last week they tested the regulator outside the building and found the culprit.  It was leaking gas that was seeping under the schoolhouse and then coming up into the building.  Problem fixed!  Happy Day!!  There were days last week that the smell had been so bad that I had just shut the door and walked away.  When I did work out there, I would leave the door open to get fresh air...(or for Wayne to see if I was laying on the floor.)  Anyway--it's fixed and it is so nice to open the door and not have that awful smell.  This morning I walked out there to quilt someone's quilt, opened the door and was hit by SKUNK smell !!!  So I grabbed everyone's quilts...done and undone...and took them to the house.  Went back out and quilted the one that was on the machine...leaving the door open!  So---I've had suggestions of throwing lutefisk under there to get rid of the skunk, but then having the problem of Norwegiens under there.  Wayne threw a bug bomb under there and I tried my trick of turning the radio on high...Christian music of course...could be a hard-rock-skunk. do you tell when they are gone as the smell lingers on?   
I fired our dog for not being on duty and keeping our place safe from skunks.

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