Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No chocolate...

   We're back on our healthy eating.  It's funny (not really) how easy it is to start getting into bad eating habits.  Too bad chocolate isn't one of the main food groups!  This is what I fixed Wayne for supper last night.  He wouldn't have needed the bread and jelly, but I made bread yesterday and we always like that first slice fresh from the oven.  I didn't take a picture of mine as it wasn't as pretty...remember I don't eat anything green.  Right now the Clementine oranges are so good!  They are just fun to peel!  (I get joy out of little things!)  Their price isn't very pretty...but I have to remember I'm not buying chocolate.
  This is a picture of the t-shirts we got for our church's anniversary.  It   really was fun to see all of them at our lutefisk supper.  Half were blue and the other half was a "butter" yellow. Which reminds me...I need to pay for ours...we've been wearing them illegally! ufta

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