Friday, February 4, 2011

Potato Peeling Party

   We use real live potatoes for our mashed potatoes and klub.  Thankfully we are able to use a potato peeler some one else owns and the pictures show the workers  taking out the eyes or anything else the machine missed.  Here's Larry and son Joshua and Deb.
   On this picture I recognize Erik's "Wussy Boy" sweatshirt.  To his left is Charles, Johnny, Mark pouring out potatoes for them to work on, Todd, and  Pastor Joe is hiding someone--don't know who.

  Mark is loading up another table to keep the other Mark, Deb and Kim busy

This is the machine they used...what a time saver!  Don't ask me why there are some potatoes on the floor.
Here's Mark's father-in-law, Pastor Joe, Erik, Charles and Johnny.  Wayne took the pictures (and of course helped.)

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