Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cabin Fever

  Just a couple of quicky quilts.  I give away a lot of baby quilts, plus  my girls often need a gift to give and beings I like to make them and they like to give's a perfect match.  After finishing flannel quilts or quilts with flannel backs, I cut the leftovers into 3 1/2" x 6" pieces.  So I just grabbed the bag with pieces and made these two quilts.  Have some more of the yellow used in the second one( for the wider pieces) that I'll use for the backing and bindings.

  I never get tired of being home.  It's my joke that I could be home all winter and never get bored.  With my "stash", I never run out of things to work on.  But today it hit--cabin fever.  We were going to go to town yesterday, but thought the weather would be better today.  It was in that it was sunny, but cooooooooold!!  So it was decided to wait another day.  Staying home is ok when it's my choice, but when I don't have a choice....
  So this is what I accomplished...hearts for the still standing Christmas tree.  No pictures of the "from scratch" white cake as I got distracted on the computer (bad computer) and baked the cake twice as long as I should have.  It would have been a work of art...I'm sure.  

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