Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Egg Cracken' Time

   Minnesota tried real hard to blizzard today, but was kind of a "mini" one. No school today or yesterday.  The day brighteners are the birds that come to our bird feeder.  This morning at one time there were 3 cardinal "couples", some juncos, couple different woodpeckers, nuthatches, sparrows and feisty blue jays.  The blue jays are the bosses--even bossing each other.  They seem to enjoy tossing the seeds out of the feeder.  Thankfully the other birds aren't too proud to eat off the snow.  With the heavy snow...the squirrels sometimes join them.  Even the blue jays give up their post to them. 

   Baking day today.  After my bread was done, I got out a bunch of eggs and let them warm up.
   Sifted the dry ingredients for three batches.
   Got out my trusty mixer.
   And baked three angel food cakes.  The tricky part for me is knowing when they're done.  We've eaten a lot of "not quite done" angel food cakes.
   The back two were pretty good, but didn't have a spring pan for the front one, so decided we really should test one anyway.
  I talked Wayne into helping me.  Little dab of cool whip and topped with yogurt.  Let's see--eggs, flour, sugar, dairy--most of the basic food groups!  

  I apologize for not getting a picture of the treat that Linda B. brought me...an Almond Snicker...it just disappeared! (didn't even ruin my dinner!)

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