Thursday, November 11, 2010

At Work

   (I warned you that I had enough material to last all week!)  Both Friday and Saturday classes and demos were held out in the entry way.  It is huge, so 4 demos could be held at one time.  (Did I mention it is also close to the snack room?)  The top picture Bonnie is doing a demo, but can't remember what it was. Could have been her Jellies in a Tube.  The demos are a great way to pick up hints even tho you might not make that particular project, sometimes the methods can be used in others.
 Here's Diana with a finished project!  A cell phone bag (how many retreats did it take her?)  She had already done a demo on a Travel Tote.

  Merle (the Toolman). doing her Tooltime demo!  Lots of us already have the tools and just need a refresher on using them.   
  Please note that Merle and I color coordinated our outfits! 
   I was doing a demo on the 10 minute table runner (or in the case of the small one in my hand --the 5 minute one)  It is really a fun one and I've made over 100 of them --so you know what everyone in my family plus others are going to get this year!!  You can find it if you google Ten Minute Table Runner.  Or you can come see me or better yet - stop at the Calico Hutch and they'll walk you through it and sell you a one of the dozen or more kits they have for it.
  Here's Mary on a roll!! 

All of these projects and tools can be purchased at the Calico Hutch at Hayward.  (and I'm not even paid to say that!) 
Note the lovely carpet on the floor!  they are remodeling the motel so we'll see if the carpet stays.  Ugly carpet never wears out.

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