Thursday, November 18, 2010

Show and Tell

  Blue Earth Valley Quilters meeting is always highlighted by show and tell.  We have beginners to advanced sewers and it always makes for an interesting time.  Dorthy and Arlene are holding up Arlene's quilt.  Arlene was one of my first partners in the Quilt Company, a quilt shop we owned in Blue Earth.
   Oh boy, names are escaping me---but "she" did make a table runner using a panel.  After I post this my brain will wake up and I'll remember her name.  (Sue??)

  Jude tried a snowflake runner.  She also shared of her trip to Houston to Quilt Festival. 
   Corrine showing a  placemat.  I also took a picture of her larger wall hanging, but it was too blurry.  It was mainly a cheater quilt, but one of the most striking  I've seen.  You'll just have to take my word for it.
   One of the favorite show and tells -- little Noah.  Linda had the honors of cuddling him this meeting.  (He isn't the only male who comes to our meeting, but he is the youngest!)
   Lorraine with her latest creation.

  Tracy is really into wool and this was one she showed.  Now I've caught the bug and will have to make an "emergency" run to Calico Hutch to pick up some more wool!  I took a lot more pictures that night, but the rest were too blurry to use.  Anyone in the Blue Earth area is invited to our meetings.  We usually have a demo on some aspect of quilting .  We also put on the Quilters and Woodcarvers Expo each August and exhibit over 100 quilts. 

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