Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Retreat

   First weekend of November is Calico Hutch's fall retreat over in Austin, Mn.  How was it ???--Grrreeaatttt!   What fun - eating, quilting, laughing, shopping, visiting, learning, teaching!!!  (Notice I didn't say - sleeping -- that's because we don't do a lot of that.) The ballroom held over 100 of us quilt lovers all sewing up a storm.  Someone wondered how much $$$ in sewing machines was in this room.  Each retreat has a theme and this one was "Woodstock Reunion" so there were lots of Hippie-wananbees!!  These pictures kind of show the set up but they can't capture the energy in the room.  The top one is showing part of the staff.

Here's the group in action.   Most gals bring their own chairs, lights, machines, projects, food (more pictures on that later!), and money to shop! 

The shopping area is enticing and if that isn't enough, the Hutch is just 15 minutes away! 
  I laughingly told the gals I had enough material to fill my blog all week.  So- for you none quilt-lovers - check back next week - I should be over it by then!!

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