Sunday, November 28, 2010

Princess Vivvi

  The disciples missed something in the children that Jesus precious they are!  Instead of sending them away..He reached out and touched them.

  First our 5 children...then our 11 grandchildren...and now our little great-granddaughter...Princess Vivvi.  What precious gifts!  

 Friday she came to visit with her Grandpa Marque, Grandma Janeen (you don't know how hard it is to think that our daughter is a "Grandma"), and Auntie Morgan.  For some reason...she becomes the center of attention
  There is such joy over each little thing she does to entertain us.  Her toys were ok, but the Christmas decorations and table bowls were just as much fun.
   The most fun was pushing Great-Grandma's step stool around the kitchen.

   No visit to the farm is complete without meeting the animals.  Her first reaction was of wonder.
   Her second reaction was a trembling bottom lip.
 And even tho the little piggy made not a sound, Princess Vivvi needed the security of Grandma's arms to vent her fears,  guess she needs to be a little older before we introduce her to the horse! (And he won't be wrapped in a blanket and brought in the house!)


  1. Important to note, horses have been known to make an appearance inside the house. :)

  2. I sure wish we would have gotten a picture of that!!!