Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Closing shots

   Just a few more pictures from the retreat that I wanted to post.  Carolyn always has a "surprise" sale on Saturday night that causes even the most sane women to dress up in their pajamas to get a free gift!  Tracy always remembers to bring decent pj's.  Not me - and believe me - nobody got to borrow my camera.  Don't believe any stories about "this woman" who changed into her nightie in the parking lot as cars drove by.  (There were no cars driving by!)

  This is the very happy gal who won a new Bernina.  She had stopped jumping up and down by then so I could get her picture!

   Confession time -- we don't spend the whole time sewing.  But the gambling is confined to "fat quarters'.  In quilt language, it's a half yard cut in half to make pieces 18"x20".  That's what you see rolled up on the table.  One year I "almost" won.  Guess I should have read the rules first!
  This is what happens when you announce --super sale!  

It's been called (actually e-mailed to my attention) that there are actually some people out there who read my blog!!!  But it is also very hard to comment.  As I don't know as much as a 5th grader about computers, I don't know what to do to help you.  So, if you have "nice" comments, you can e-mail me at wajmo@bevcomm.net.  If your comments aren't nice, you can not e-mail me!

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