Monday, November 1, 2010

Clean Up Time

  Praise the Lord!  The corn is all combined and that part of the harvest is done and still we have gorgeous weather!!!  Some years the weather is so icky at the end of combining that they are just glad to park the combine in the shed.  This year they could get it cleaned out good and will even have time to pressure wash it.  Top picture is of Wayne and the next two are of Brandon doing some of the "inside" work.  The combine was not running.

   Each fall Trooper's coat gets thicker and thicker until he is "ready" for winter.  He has his own chair on the porch and sleeps there in all kinds of weather and never even shivers. He does make sure his nose gets tucked into the fluff of his tail. With our warm fall, he has been molting!  Come spring we can brush enough fur off him to make a small dog!   

Aren't these beautiful end of harvest mornings!  God is good!!   At the time of year when the earth looks kind of drab, He paints a beautiful sunrise!!


  1. The sun rise pictures are so beautiful. I agree God is good!

  2. I have to give Wayne credit for taking those pictures. He said they were for the blog!