Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Retreat Food

   Just so you don't think retreats are all about quilting--here's probably the number 2 spot!  Please notice --we try to get all the food groups - like chocolate-fruit-chocolate-grains-chocolate-drinks-chocolate.  No wonder I go into chocolate withdrawal when I come home!! 
 Did you know you can write messages on banana skins?  Used to do that with my kids when packing lunches.  Also- I always liked to take a bite out of their sandwich - just to make sure it was safe for them to eat.  Right????

   Don't know if I should tell you this, but we also had a snack room.  These pictures are just the personal table stashes!!

  This is my work station - just as neat as at home!  Yes, I had my own personal stash of food - pumpkin muffins.  It is not polite to ask how much weight we each have gained by the time we leave for home. 

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