Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Finish Line

  I am a great starter!  I love to start new projects!  But when the final step is hand quilting or framing... here they sit.  Guess I need to find a "finisher".  These are just some of the things left to complete...so close...but just not quite done!  The top one is so old that I don't know if I have any of the fabrics left for binding. 
   This was in this condition last Christmas!  "There's always more time right after the holidays and I'll finish it then."  Famous last words!

   I even have the frame for this one --course it needs to be painted first.
  Love doing these wool projects .  But I need to learn to buy the frame first  so that I cut the background big enough.  Think I'll have to add some fabric to make it fit - if I can find a frame the right size!    
(this doesn't lean this bad in person)

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