Monday, November 29, 2010

Miss Morgan

   After Janeen and Marque and Vivvi left Friday evening, Morgan claimed the davenport by the fire and  stayed with us.  She kept me busy and we had lots of fun.  We each needed to make some cards.
   We made three batches of Christmas goodies.  (Never mind that I had to make 2 trips to town within an hour to get supplies.)
  Morgan made Shawn's favorite, the caramel covered marshmallows rolled in rice krispies!  We did our share of sampling--gotta be sure they're fit for human consumption.  (and one is never enough!) Morgan is "hiding" them in the garage refrigerator.  Don't tell the guys!!


Here's our card factory..notice our neat table!!  You can't be creative and be neat!!
   Morgan's cards...

  My cards...
   On our first trip to town, we stopped to check out the Blue Earth choir.  Gov. Ventura used to make his appearance, but didn't see him this year.  Maybe he can't sing???  But then, neither can I!!!  

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