Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good Hunting

   Here's one very proud young man, our grandson, Bryce.  And almost as proud, but not in the picture---his Dad.  Saturday, late afternoon, Bryce shot this 12 point buck with a muzzle-loader.  Corn fed off his Dad's fields!  Will make for some good eating!  I think know his Grandpa was also pretty proud! 
  I can remember as a kid going hunting with my Dad.  One time only as I sat in the back seat of the car and cried when he shot a rabbit. 
  I have shot a HUGE ground hog who threatened to eat or kidnap my kids.  Did I mention he was HUGE!!  It actually waited for me to drive two miles to find Wayne, so I could be refreshed on how to shoot the gun, drive home, and then shoot him.  Made me wonder if he was sick (or already dead).  We had another one of the critters around here a couple of summers ago, but he wouldn't wait for me to go find Wayne (needed another lesson on how to shot the gun)--- so he got away.

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