Monday, November 15, 2010


 Last Wednesday was still our beautiful fall weather - in the 60's, but Saturday turned into a snow storm.  Heavy wet stuff that made driving on gravel roads tricky!  Today the sun is shining and I hope melting some of this!  It's beautiful to look at, but we are spoiled and not ready for winter!

   On the farm front, this is what's going on -pumping hog pits and spreading manure.  This is the first time we've hired it done.  They have 4 semis that haul from the barns to the field and will make quicker work of  all that's left to do. 
   This is the holding tank that the semis dump into and then the taragator pumps it out of this and injects it into the ground.  (You can bet I got that wrong and you'll probably see a correction in the next blog---I do know it's not an alligator!) 
  Old faithful, Jocker, waiting for a tractor ride.  Reminds me of the springer spaniel that Shawn had at Taylor's age.  Buddy loved to go hunting and when he would see Shawn come out with a gun, he would hop in the old pickup and be ready to go. 
  Kind of like us quilters when somebody mentions --quilt shop!!

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