Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Parade of T-shirts

  Today we have a parade of t-shirts from the retreat! I'm sure I missed some, but did get quite a few.  I have one like Tracy's in the top picture, but my arms aren't long enough to get both of us together and then take the picture. (I know - ask someone else to take the picture!)  We learn to dress in layers as the temperature varies from hour to hour and depending on where you are in the room.  For such a large group in such a large room, it was very comfortable.  

  One of the things that the Calico Hutch does is set up ironing stations out in the entry.  It is a bit of a walk from our sewing area, but I find my back lasts longer by getting up every so often and walking out there.  (can also swing by the snack room ---if necessary.)

   You notice the pillowcases hanging in the background?  For each one you made and donated, you were given a chance to enter a drawing for a NEW Bernina sewing machine!  Hopefully I can find the picture of the gal who won.  Her joy couldn't be contained!!!  She made us all happy that she won! 

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