Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last of the Tomatoes

 The last of the tomatoes!!  Makes me sad--Wayne loves them.  Also makes me glad -- I don't and  now I'm done picking them!  We had a good crop of them but not enough to can much.  Next year (anyone else say that?)  I'll plant more so I can can more!
   This picture was taken around our supper table last night. Tyler (center) and Bryce (next to him) came down from Augsburg and Northwestern colleges to power wash hog barns.  Now doesn't that sound like fun!  When ever the barns are emptied of pigs, they have to be cleaned before the next batch of little pigs come.  Sometimes I wish I could power wash my house.  I know when my kids were little, I used to wish for a drain in the middle of the kitchen floor - would have made life so much easier!
  The bottom picture is Shawn, a bit of Suzanne, Brandon, Taylor and Tyler.  Taylor's new haircut was courtesy of the rest of the football players.  They head up to Minneapolis to play Washburn (where Tyler went to school and Morgan now goes.)  This is for the sectional semi-finals.  Taylor is on the Blue Earth team and Morgan is one of the trainers for Washburn.  Need a picture!! 
  After supper Bryce and Tyler went to power wash and Shawn, Wayne and Brandon went to pick and haul corn and Taylor worked up ground.  I collapsed. 

There weren't many leftovers when they got done!

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