Thursday, October 7, 2010

AQS Show

 Here are a few of the 100+ pictures I took at the quilt show.  There is no rhyme or reason as to why I took some of the pictures, mostly I just like to look at them when I get home.  Even though I took an extra, charged up battery, they both ran low and it took longer to take each picture and by then my hand was sometimes shakey.  Excuses..  This first picture was really striking with the sharp contrasts and paper pieced shapes.  It really has a lot of dimension and movement to it.  Some people are afraid to use black in a quilt, but it can  really make the quilt! 
  The second quilt is again partially paper pieced, but used real subtle colors.  Had a softer look to it and was just as appealing to me as the red/white/ and black one.  It doesn't photograph as well because of the lighter colors. Some of the tan backgrounds distracted from the overall look. Again - just my opinion - not a rule.  It might have been just what the quilter was looking for.  I would hate to be a judge - I don't know if I could keep my personal preferences from tainting my choices.

 The third one is a "Christmas Pickle" - the pattern I made and showed a couple of blogs back. The colors were very different, but lacked some pizzaz.  (It's always easy to critique someone else's quilt by my taste. There really is nothing wrong with this one and she did a beautiful job of piecing.)
 This was a real modern looking one that I liked.  Sometimes the art quilts don't make sense to me - I'm more a traditional quilter who randomly breaks out of the box - but always with a pattern.  This one, to me, paints a picture of sunlight in the forest.
 This was such a fun one.  I've always loved the bug jars - but this one adds interest with the tipped jars and butterflies and frogs that have escaped. 
My picture doesn't capture the beauty of this one.  It is very heavily HAND quilted and is just outstanding.  The judges agreed with my assessment! (not that they were interested in my opinions!)

Will sort through some more of the pictures and add them another time.   Jolyn

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  1. My friend Lisa made the bug quilt. She'll love that you like it. She was at my retreat, too.