Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Farmers in Action

   This morning the combine sat in the yard -- needing repairs, but this afternoon the harvest is in full swing.  Ears of corn waiting to be harvested.
 Here's a look at the combine coming at me.
 The fields ripe for harvest.  Almost made me dizzy watching the stalks going into the combine.
   The combine is emptying its load into the grain wagon.
  And the grain wagon dumps its load into the truck which takes it to the bins.  Normally they would have to run it through the drier before going in the bin, but this year is very unusual as the corn is dry enough to just put into storageSaves a lot of time and money. 
  I had a picture of the "fuel" for the guys, but forgot to download it--next time.     Jolyn


  1. Jolyn:
    I really enjoy the pictures you post on your blog!!
    So happy your blogspot was shared with me by Julie R.

  2. Thanks Wendy- I enjoy doing it - even though I sometimes seem to talk about nothing. ha