Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Decorating

( First of all, Wayne corrected me on an earlier blog, it's not a field cultivator--it's a chisel plow.  Guess I need some educating!!
  Also- if you try the Rye Bread, add a couple pinches of sugar to the yeast to make it raise.)
  I love the fall colors and enjoy using them to make quilts and other things to decorate our home.  This pumpkin one is quite large, but I have a round oak table that extends to make it pretty big so that this looks ok on it.  The little round pincushion in an old zinc jar lid was made by Linda Bakken. (thank you)
   The icebox sits in our kitchen and I always like to hang a seasonal towel on the door.
   Old pictures fascinate me so I use them throughout my decorating.  This is Wayne and his siblings (a few years ago).
   Country Threads put out this pattern a number of years ago and it says "Fall".  It looks horribly wrinkled in this picture, but I assure you in person ---it's worse!!  Have to be more careful how I hang it between seasons.

  Oh yes, I even have a "quilt" rug in front of the stove. 
  I really need to count how many quilts I have in my house.  Any guesses?

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