Monday, October 11, 2010

Square in a Square Quilts

   The DesMoines AQS show of 2009 was a big influence on what I made this year.  One of the quilts on display was a Square in a Square quilt and on the way home, Tracy and I were plotting how big the blocks were, how many fabrics I would need, how many strips for so many blocks, etc.  If I would have had fabric along, I would have cut it out in the vehicle!  I think we figured around 40-50 fabrics would do it. But I always want to be on the safe side and I cut strips from about 90 different fabrics.  These are all civil war.  As I began to lay the blocks  out, there were some fabrics that I just didn't think gave it the look I wanted--- so---set them aside.  This quilt is hanging on my living room wall.  It looks like flannels, but is just cottons and in certain lighting, some of the middle squares look bigger than others.  Just love it.  
  But I had a few leftovers.  So a number of the "uglies" went to make number 2 quilt.  It hasn't found a home yet, but I'm not saying that too loud. 

 This quilt was the "lights" that I had left and made a small baby quilt or table quilt. I love it, but don't know why.  It too is homeless.
  Number 4 quilt is probably my favorite.  I took all the leftover small blocks (you can see them around the edge of the first quilt). I handquilted this one, washed and dried it and it drapes over a trunk in my dining room.
  Oh yes, there is one more - it was really, really ugly (in my book) and our daughter, Janeen claimed it for a neighbor of hers.  She was house sitting at the time and just left the quilt in her living room.  It found a very happy home!
  I probably enjoy making the quilts from the leftover blocks as much as the first one.  Kind of make up my rules as I go.  One rule I usually make is - using just from my stash. (I can always replenish it later!)

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