Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bright Quilts - Des Moines

   These 3 quilts caught my eye at the Des Moines show.  My favorite fabrics to work with are Civil War, 30's and never thought I would say it -- Batiks!!  Maybe I'm growing up.  But every once in a while, I like to work with something way out of my box - like brights.  
  The first one looks like all polka dots.  Bet that took a while to collect!  Course part of the fun is the collecting. (That's fabric shopping to those who are now confused.)
  The second one is a pattern that looks like a fun one to make - challenging -but fun.  Would like to find a paper-piecing pattern for it.  I would have never thought of using that cheddar gold for the background, but it is sharp!  
  The third one is a paper-pieced circle and partial circles. I like how some of the colors look like they were water color paints. 
 All quilt shows inspire me and I just want to go home and sew something!   

  I think we all like to be creative - whether it's in decorating our homes, gardening, painting, cooking, quilting  or whatever -- it's an expression of our God given gift!

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