Monday, October 18, 2010

What if......

 I confess, I'm a "What if..." kind of quilter.  After I've made a quilt and if I like it, I get to thinking ...what if I made it in different colors, or what if....I made it smaller or what if....I made a whole bunch of them.  The top picture is of a quilt designed by Terri of Atkinson Designs.  I believe the name is Monterrey Medalion, but couldn't find my book to verify it.  Anyway, the original pattern was for a full size bed quilt.  After making that, I decided what if...I scaled it down and made a wall hanging.  It is 53" square and hangs in our living room during the fall season.  Tracy quilted it.

The bottom picture is of the ten minute table runner.  The original pattern is the large one, but what if.....I scaled it down and made smaller ones getting more for my money.  I made 31 of them Saturday, so you know I was having fun.

The pattern comes free with the purchase of the kit from Calico Hutch!

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  1. I always wondered how quilters think.