Monday, October 25, 2010

Family and Friends

   This past week we've had wonderful help.  Tim came down from the cities and spent Monday through Friday helping out.  The top picture is of Shawn, Tim and Wayne.

 The guys are confering. (or whatever it is that men do when they stop and talk)  Tim was ready to head home.  New to the picture are Dallas (Wayne's nephew), Charles (Wayne's brother) and Bryce. (our grandson -- Shawn's oldest son)  Bryce was home from college and helped load hogs and work in the field.  Taylor (not on the picture) also helped.  It's true that many hands make light work. What a blessing to have family and friends!!!  Sunday it was misty all day, so things have slowed up a bit - well, not really, they just use this time to catch up with other things.  

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