Thursday, October 14, 2010

Will Work for Food

   Every so often the Calico Hutch at Hayward, MN has a "Will Work for Food Day".  They furnish kits (all cut out) for making Quilts of Valor.  Each person that comes usually sews up a quilt top, pillow case, binding and the backing so that it's all ready to go to the quilter.  When finished, the quilt will be put in the pillow case and given to one of our brave US soldiers!  It's our way of letting them know we appreciate all that they do.  You can get more information on www.quiltsof valor.  I'm terrible at remembering names, but I do remember we laughed a lot and ate really good.  Carolyn at the Hutch always comes up with a scrumptious lunch for us, but first we have to have her world-famous scones to get us started! 
   At the same time we were working on these quilts, a bus load of women stopped by from the Duluth area.  Somehow I got talked into doing a demonstration on a 10 minute table runner that I have never made!  I must have done ok as they were grabbing them like hungry quilters--I even sold myself a bunch of them.  Of course Arlene had to sew one on the spot to see if it could be done in 10 minutes.  Our system of timing wasn't the best plus she stopped to eat - but we figured around 7 1/2 minutes!  (give or take a few minutes)
  Was a fun day and we went home full of food and the satisfaction of doing something for others!
  Oh yes, almost every sample in the Hutch has a kit you can buy to make one like it for your own!  

 Carolyn - owner of the Calico Hutch (applause please!!)

                    These are those world-famous scones!!  (Why didn't I put some in my pocket to take home!??)

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