Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday

 Happy Birthday Wayne!!!  He gets to spend this beautiful fall day hauling manure, loading out 3 semi loads of hogs, going to 2 football games and going out for supper!  What a way to celebrate!  He is finally as old as me!  What a relief!  He requested chocolate cake with white mountain frosting.  I haven't made that for years and I think there was a reason why....  Oh well, I'll give it a try - it is his birthday.  If you don't see a picture of it later, you'll know there really was a reason I shouldn't make it!
  The top picture is of the manure spreader.  Each barn averages around 35-40 loads and between he and our son, Shawn, they have 9 barns to empty.  Makes for good fertilizer!
  The second picture is of Taylor's dog, Jocker.  He joined Brandon and me in the van to finish listening to "Odessy" on the radio.  He is enless energy!  Will be interesting to see if he is a good hunter for Taylor.      Jolyn

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  1. Glad the Birthday boy gets to have a little fun on his day!
    Love you Dad!